The Alliance for Weedon Island Archaeological Research and Education  (AWIARE) is a non-profit organization (501C3) that has as its goal to promote and facilitate long-term archaeological research, scientific exploration and public education at the Weedon Island Preserve and the gulf coast region.

Our Officers and Advisory Board include professional archaeologists and lay persons who all share an interest in our mission.

We have a reputation for sponsoring and facilitating significant archaeological research on the Weedon Island Preserve (WIP) by providing opportunities for scholars and students to pursue sustained scientific investigations of past human occupation.

AWIARE takes the lead role in producing and disseminating public educational programming based on the research results and will become an influential and recognized partner in local governmental and private corporate historical preservation initiatives.

AWIARE embraces the values of responsible scientific archaeological research and the public benefits of archaeology.

RESEARCH: We develop, promote, and publicize research opportunities at the AWIARE Research Station on the WIP. We write and implement archaeological research designs to guide future projects, and we compile and publish results from previous studies and reports.

EDUCATION: One of our goals is to develop active public programs for children and adults in which they engage in archaeological research on the WIP. Further public awareness is promoted through archaeo-ecotours, instructional workshops, web-based resources and materials, and traveling exhibits.

OPERATIONS: AWIARE broadens its base of financial support through increased membership and corporate involvement.

Alliance for Weedon Island Archaeological Research and Education
1500 Weedon Drive NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Email: awiare1@gmail.com

If you are interested making a contribution to AWIARE, please use the button below, or mail a check to the address above.


PRESIDENT, John Arthur, Ph.D.
VICE PRESIDENT, Elizabeth Southard, M.A.
TREASURER, Robert J. Austin, Ph.D.
SECRETARY, Phyllis E. Kolianos, M.A.


David Burns, M.S.
Kim Dudley
J. Michael Francis, Ph.D
Kendal Jackson, M.A.
Cindy Martin
Jeff Moates, M.A.
Thomas J. Pluckhahn, Ph.D.
Sheila Stewart, M.A.
George Stovall


Raymond Arsenault, Ph.D.
Uzi Baram, Ph.D.
Albert C. Goodyear, Ph.D.
Helen Levine, Ph.D.
Jerald T. Milanich, Ph.D.
Jeffrey M. Mitchem, Ph.D.
Harry M. Piper, M.A.
Brent Weisman, Ph.D.


We sponsor and facilitate archaeological research on the Weedon Island Preserve (WIP) in St. Petersburg, Florida, by providing opportunities for scholars and students to pursue sustained scientific investigations. AWIARE appreciates the support of our many donors, who are listed below.




Lisa & Perry Everett
Irene & Duncan McClellan/Duncan McClellan Glass
Harvey’s Fourth Street Grill
Jane & George Stovall


Sharon & Victor Gardner
Cindy & Craig Martin
Ron May/Wells Fargo Advisors – Trinity
Janet & Iqbal Paroo


Carla & Kent Garbin
Eloise & Jay Paul Hardman
Teresa & Bob Kropp


Susan Anderson
Suzanne & Jonathan Anderson
Richard Barbel
Margaret & David Burns
Patricia & William Dotterer
Alice Huneycutt
Abby King
Dr. Cathy King & Mr. William King
Phyllis & Pete Kolianos
Candy & John Lenderman
Dion Lim & Evan Panesis
Emma Mason
Scott McIntyre/SEM, Inc.
Stephanie Mischke & Aaron Freedman/Total Air
Debbie & Dan Riggs
Beth & Michael Vivio

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