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Digging into Weedon: Explorations in Archaeology with AWIARE

Join staff from the Florida Public Archaeology Network and the WIP Cultural & Natural History Center to learn about one of our most important partners: the Alliance for Weedon Island Archaeological Research and Education (AWIARE)! AWIARE is a non-profit organization (501C3) whose goal is to promote and facilitate long-term archaeological research, scientific exploration, and public education at the Weedon Island Preserve and the gulf coast region. From holding public excavations and hosting informative talks to supporting academic researchers and students, AWIARE is an integral part of protecting and learning about the history of our region. Discover all of that AWIARE does in this deep-dive on their past projects, like excavating and preserving an 1,100 year old dugout canoe, and current work!

This webinar will be provided via Zoom so registration in required via THIS LINK.

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Weedon Island Preserve, at approximately 3,700 acres, is an ecological jewel within an urban landscape on the shores of Old Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida. A refuge for native flora and fauna, Weedon Island is also one of Florida's most important cultural resources. Discover the rich human history of the Island that began thousands of years ago and witness how the environment and people support and shaped each other to produce the Preserve we know today.

This production was made possible through the support of the Friends of Weedon Island, an organization dedicated to the continuing education, protection, and preservation of the Weedon Island Preserve. 

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