2023 Adult Archaeology Camp

2023 Hands-On Adult Archaeology Camp

The Adult Archaeology Camps were a huge success this year! We hope you will join us next year in discovering the prehistory of the Tampa Bay region. Each camp offered is for one week, where participants experience hands-on archaeology at Weedon Island Preserve, one of Florida's preeminent archaeological sites.  Participants will work with professional archaeologists and researchers to uncover clues about the culture and lifeways of the early people who inhabited the Tampa Bay region.

Camp participants will assist AWIARE researchers in excavation, recording data, screening sediment, and collecting artifacts, bone and samples. As well, as helping to analyze artifacts and process finding in the lab.

Groups are limited to 8 participants for 5 days, where they will rotate between field work and lab analysis at our AWIARE Research Station.

Introductory lectures, as well as a conclusion field trip to local archaeology sites caps off the week.