AWIARE and its partners, Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society; Florida Public Archaeology Network; and University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, received an awesome award from the Florida Anthropological Society at its annual meeting in Crystal River on May 10-12. The award is for all our contributions to the understanding and preservation of Florida's past. Thank you FAS and thanks to our partners for working with us to promote the prehistory and history of the greater Tampa Bay region.

(photo by Steve Koski)

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AWAIRE / Levitt Foundation Grant

Over the course of the last couple of months, I have collected and analyzed surface reference soil samples from

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Maximo Point Excavation

In April, members of our board of directors, along with members of Central Gulf Coast Archaeological Society, assisted the

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Remembering Tocobaga

The site is widely recognized as the probable location of the native town of Tocobaga, where Spanish Governor Pedro

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AWIARE / Friends of Weedon Island Grant

  Projects must focus on the prehistory, history, or paleoenvironment of the Tampa Bay region.  Grant funds may be

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AWIARE / Levitt Foundation Grant

Research related to the Weeden Island culture and period is encouraged but not required.   Types of projects that

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AWIARE Provides Grants for Weeden Island Research

This year the awards committee chose three worthy recipients to receive funding. University of South Florida doctoral candidate Kendal Jackson will

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AWIARE and FAM 2019

On March 2nd, the Weedon Island Preserve was full of archaeological activities to celebrate Florida Archaeology Month. Heather Draskovich

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Weedon Island Pottery Featured on WEDU

Early this year, a student from SPC contacted us about wanting to do a short video segment on the

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