AWIARE, in partnership with the Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN), held an exciting archaeology camp at Weedon Island Preserve this summer. It was designed for students who were interested in exploring the past. The camps were conducted by professional archaeologists, including educators from FPAN and allowed kids to experience archaeology first-hand through activities, experiments, hikes, and even a real excavation. The summer camp was designed for children with an interest in prehistory and history as well as learning how early people interacted with their environment. Campers learned about the importance of archaeology and gained an understanding about early natural resources that were necessary for life in the Tampa Bay region. Highlights of the camps included guest experts, tour of an archaeological site, hands-on archaeology, lab analysis, pottery making, atlatl adventure, and earning the certificate of Tommy the Tortoise, Junior Archaeologist.

We hope you will consider joining us next summer!