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  • Sept 21 2017

    Recent Advances in Paleoamerican Research in Florida

    AlGoodyearThursday, September 21, 2017, 7-8 PM
    Albert C. Goodyear, Ph.D., Institute of South Carolina Archaeology and Anthropology

    Recent Advances in Paleoamerican Research in Florida
    Florida has long been a place of exciting finds in what can be called Paleoamerican archaeology, which now includes evidence of occupations predating Clovis (13,000 cal. yrs).  Current research on the extensive Ike Rainey collection in Ocala is aiding in developing a fluted point survey for the State of Florida.  The number of Clovis points is easily equal to the numbers reported from adjacent states and may in fact exceed them. Several significant studies currently underway in Florida are also expanding pre-Clovis research at places like Vero Beach, Wakulla Springs, and the CCA site.  It can be said that “the light is now green” for pursuing evidence of possible pre-Clovis sites in Florida.  Florida was far south of the Pleistocene ice sheets, serving as a refugium for plants and animals for over 20,000 years.  As such it should have been an environmentally optimal region for settlement by the earliest human colonizers of the continent.

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